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If you think that the future of fashion is digital, you might just be right, at least if the past few months have been any indication. In the... 

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The rise of virtual influencers worldwide has “birthed” AI personality Ava Gram, who is described as fashionable, gender fluid...

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Ava was born to be an outspoken platform for minorities to raise awareness and spark conversations on social...

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Besides its novelty, other reasons for the rising popularity of virtual influencers include lower costs and increased ease-of-use...

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AR enhances reality with digital technology, while VR transports the physical into the digital space. Both are immersive technologies...

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Whether you’re an industry insider or not, when one looks at a fashion image, questions about its reality tend to arise...

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Kalo lihat sekilas, wujud mereka benar-benar kayak manusia. Apalagi postingan-annya juga berisi foto OOTD atau postingan...

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Over the last decade or so, the “influencer” has become ubiquitous. There are fashion and beauty influencers, there are sports and ...

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Retail company BHG Singapore has tied up with virtual influencer Ava Lee-Graham, or better known as "Ava Gram", to launch its... 


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Due influencer del web, Ava Gram e Liam Nikuro, sono in realtà due personaggi virtuali comandati da computer e dai loro creatori...

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Liam Nikuro uploaded an image of an “I can’t breathe” poster on his Instagram account in May, mobilising his followers to support...

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Ava Gram‘s outfits are reminiscent of the early 2000s. She poses for the camera, either against a backdrop of everyday Singaporean....

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Togliamo la spina a Ava Gram e Liam Nikuro

By George Ritinsky

晨光|潮流解码: 虚拟网红迈入时尚圈 百万粉丝代言奢侈品牌

Produced by Estelle Zheng

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